Monday, January 14, 2008

Richard Sammon explores potential and pitfalls of Clinton-Obama ticket

In an August 2007 essay (now obviously dated), Richard Sammon speculates about the potentential benefits of combining Clinton and Obama. Here's his analysis:

The possibility of a Clinton-Obama presidential ticket is growing. Yes, it is still early and much can and will change in this marathon presidential campaign. But Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois are way ahead of the pack and showing sustained strength. Unless one of them stumbles unexpectedly, it will be a two-person race. And Clinton leads by 20 percentage points or more in many polls, a lead that will prove hard for Obama to overtake.

If Clinton gets the nod, she may well ask Obama to be her vice presidential nominee, making the 2008 election historic -- with the first woman at the head of a major party ticket and the first African-American candidate for vice president.

Obama would probably agree. The barbs the two are trading now, as the campaign heats up, won't have a long-lasting effect on their relations. And at 46, Obama has plenty of time for a future bid. Being vice president would only help win over voters who aren't sure he has enough experience for the top job.

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