Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm not confused. I really like them both.

For many months, I've been faced with a tough choice of having to vote for one of two candidates for president that I feel are both great choices. I've hemmed and hawed. I've sat on the fence.

Now I know that I don't have to be torn. I can affirm my heart's desire: to see the Democrats nominate both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the leadership of our country. While no candidate is perfect, in my opinion both Obama and Clinton are the best leaders for this party, this country, now. It really is their time.

Of course, eventually I will need to cast a primary vote for one candidate. I live in Washington state and will be voting after Super Tuesday. I intend to vote for the candidate--Clinton or Obama--who I believe would be most likely to make my dream of a united ticket come true. Which candidate that will be should be clear within the next month.

In the meantime, I've decided to start a new blog on the 2008 US presidential election in order to promote the viability of a "democratic unity ticket": that is, the selection of Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton. This blog will include news links of interest to voters who yearn to see these two worthy candidates join together in '08 as well as commentary intended to advocate on behalf of a combination ticket.

Although there are plenty of voters who might want to see both of these candidates together on one ticket, there is currently no other blog that I know which (a) is premised on the notion that either Clinton or Obama are almost certain to become the Democratic nominee, and (b) that the winning candidate should select the other.

To some, a ticket marrying these two candidates is too fanciful to imagine (or too dreadful). I respect their disagreement, and welcome them to make the case against this combination. In the meantime, my quixotic quest for a dream ticket begins...

Go Obama '08! Go Clinton '08!

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