Monday, January 14, 2008

Boston Globe reporter: all presidential candidates put up a "front" that they would reject vice-presidential nod

In the October 2007 interview "Globe reporter Scott Helman chatted about Campaign '08" , there's this reminder that candidates who say they would not be VP cannot necessarily be believed...

Dana: I don't understand why some of these presidential candidates resist so much to the idea of being vice presidents. Obama was on the radio today saying he wasn't in this to be a VP. But being a VP, in my opinion, would really increase his chances in the next election. And it would really negate the "lack of experience" card that people play against him now. Why not be a VP if you can't be P?

Scott Helman: Well, remember that part of this is the front they have to put up. Everyone has to say they only want to be president, because if they say they are open to the VP job, they look like weak self-doubters unsure they can win the big one. I would actually be pretty surprised if any of the also-rans on the Democratic side end up on the ticket. I just don't see it. Maybe I am wrong. But when you look at the characters, the personalities, the states they hail from, etc., it just doesn't seem likely to me. What would your dream ticket be?