Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poll: 3 out of 5 Democratic voters want Clinton and Obama on same ticket

According to Bloomberg:

Clinton leads Obama, 42 percent to 33 percent, down from the 24-point advantage she held in early December. Three out of five supporters of each candidate say they would like Clinton or Obama, if nominated, to choose the other as a running mate...

The survey finds that 62 percent of Democrats would like Clinton to pick Obama as her running mate if she is the nominee; 60 percent say they would want Obama to pick Clinton.

``You need to have complementary people,'' says Marian Dondero, 53, an elementary school administrator in the Philadelphia suburb of Wyncote, Pennsylvania, who plans to vote for Clinton. ``She's really intelligent and straightforward and she's a good problem solver. He lifts your imagination.''

Recent clashes between the candidates may dim the possibility of a shared ticket. During a Jan. 21 debate in South Carolina, the two battled over their past actions as lawyers, their votes as lawmakers and what they described as misrepresentations of their views by the other's campaign.

For all the talk on Internet discussion boards of Obama supporters who say adamantly that they will not support Hillary Clinton if she's the party's nominee, there seems to be little evidence of this in the national poll: 60 percent of Obama supporters want Clinton as vice president. That's only 2 percent less than the number of Clinton supporters who want Obama as veep. There's a lot more party unity out there than one would imagine based on the blogosphere rants.

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