Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ellen Goodman: Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton?

Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman has a dream ... dream ticket, that is. She wants to see both Clinton and Obama on the same ticket, in either order (though she says it's harder to imagine Clinton taking the vice presidential spot). Here's her column:

Up to now, you will notice, I haven't said who would be at the top of the ticket. Which is where my little attack of idealism may stumble.

In America, as Hillary noted in the debate, we put "the head of state and the head of government together in one person." Frankly, I think of Hillary as prime minister and Obama as royal philosopher. If Hillary wins, it's easier to imagine the younger candidate taking the second spot. If Obama wins, it's harder to see her settling for Number One Observatory Circle after eight years in the White House. But at the same time, she has had a whole lot of experience partnering with a president.

This game plan depends, I am fully aware, on Super Tuesday. It also depends on whether the country is, in fact, eager for something different, in a "post-polarization" frame of mind.

But Obama said, "I run so that a year from today there's a chance that the world will look at America differently and that America will look at itself differently." And Clinton told Tyra Banks which reality show she'd choose: "I think it would have to be 'Dancing with the Stars,' especially if I could have one of those really good partners."

Against the low, incessant, chant for change, do I hear a T-E-A-M? Or only a dream?

Read the whole thing here.

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Rhea said...

I read the column today in the Boston Globe. This would be an amazing team. But the problem is, running for high political office is something only raving narcissists do. It's almost a requirement. I can't see ANY two pols putting their egos aside for the greater good.